Now And Then: Travi$ Scott

Jacques Webster, widely known as Travi$ Scott (La Flame)

Travi$ Scott dropped his much anticipated mixtape “Days Before Rodeo” in 2014 as a prelude to his debut album “Rodeo” released in 2015. DBR is a free album that combines the aesthetics of Kanye West‘s “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” with the undoubtedly drugged tone that Travi$ Scott is known for. The beat selection and replay value both present on the free release.

The artwork for the exceptional “Days Before Rodeo” free album.

Comparing the 2015 timeline in the rapper/producer’s career to now would interestingly show how Jacques has seemingly gone soft. He sways to singing most of the time now with the cadence he used in his breakout hit, “Antidote” off his debut album “Rodeo“. Proof of this being “Bake Sale” by Wiz Khalifa featuring him. Travi$ Scott has a unique voice, it’s like a ‘4-dimensional’ sword that so easily makes him an artist you just can’t ignore.

Rodeo” by Travi$ Scott

He seems to have to turned down on rapping and opting for singing more for the sake of appeal. There’s nothing wrong with it but I just feel like his got comfortable with this method. I think it’s time he let out the ‘antidote’ and remembered that he is the “Owl Pharaoh“.


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