We Ain’t Never by Bergie Fresh

We Ain’t Never is a single by Bergie Fresh featuring Maraza on a brilliantly laced instrumental by x$ipping. The record is a high for any avid hip hop listener and it will not disappoint at first listen. With knocking 808s and a cinematic sample who wouldn’t want to dab, dance or lose their mind to this record. The man behind the beat, x$ipping shines as an … Continue reading We Ain’t Never by Bergie Fresh

Film: Mr Happy

WARNING: THIS VIDEO CONTAINS GRAPHIC IMAGERY. This film is an R-rated feature therefore parental guidance is advised. This film revolves around suicide and is a must-watch. It follows, Chance The Rapper play a character called Victor who suffers from severe depression and wishes to end his life but he can’t. He instead enlists an online payable service that offers him assisted suicide. Chance executes his … Continue reading Film: Mr Happy


Priddy Ugly‘s fans have been anticipating the release of his EP, You Don’t Know Me Yet since he announced it. The project features the eccentric Youngsta, the flawless vocals offered by Refi Sings, the ever so charismatic Ginger Trill, Bigstar Johnson and the man behind the out of Earth production quality of this project, Wichi 1080. The project features the previous released singles, “Cocaine Ghost” … Continue reading YDKMY