Priddy Ugly‘s fans have been anticipating the release of his EP, You Don’t Know Me Yet since he announced it. The project features the eccentric Youngsta, the flawless vocals offered by Refi Sings, the ever so charismatic Ginger Trill, Bigstar Johnson and the man behind the out of Earth production quality of this project, Wichi 1080. The project features the previous released singles, “Cocaine Ghost” featuring Wichi 1080, Bulaboot and Hunnids.

For a Hip Hop purist, who believes Hip Hop is only dope when it’s in the form of boom bap or even Kendrick Lamar or J. Cole type format. This project is not for them. Priddy Ugly cements his status as a star rather than one on the come up. The reason for his distinctive presence can be attributed to his serial killer type delivery and the sonics produced by Wichi 1080. Future and Metro Boomin maybe the dream team but think again, Priddy Ugly and Wichi 1080 bring something exceptional to the rap round table.

YDKMY is speaks from a sincere and sometimes abrasive place. It ultimately combines various aspects of Hip Hop such as lyricism, hard-hitting lines, impactful and meaningful lyrics and the vivid instrumentation. It would be corny to say it’s a movie but it is. The tracklist arrangement makes it easy for the audience to navigate easily through the project and the re-play value is high.

Some of the singles received visual treatment, such as the cinematic Cocaine Ghost and Bula Boot which both feature an appearance by Wichi 1080 and the other featuring Bigstar Johnson.

 The visuals of Bula Boot.

The visuals for Cocaine Ghost

YDKMY is available for streaming/downloading on Soundcloud and Datafile Host.


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