Art Against Society

Untitled by Maxime Roy
Untitled by Maxime Roy

Art is a subjective matter. The author of a work could so easily speak of 10 different things in one representation. Today we look at some of the work curated by Cali Vasturo for the Art Against Society website. Untitled is by Maxime Roy and the artwork displays one passing in a very abstract way. The lady’s back turned to the skull might be a representation of dying young or before time in the sense that one may have died when they weren’t of old age yet. Regardless of any interpretation we could give this, this is an exceptional piece.

Abstract Architecture by Lola Dupre
Abstract Architecture by Lola Dupre

The above artwork is by Lola Dupre, it feels like a trip into the crazy world of Courage the Cowardly Dog. Abstract art is not constrained by logical reasoning but it is governed by free thinking. Judging by this piece it could so easily represent different concepts to different people with varied backgrounds. Art Against Society is a movement to keep under your radar.


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