Film: Mr Happy


This film is an R-rated feature therefore parental guidance is advised. This film revolves around suicide and is a must-watch. It follows, Chance The Rapper play a character called Victor who suffers from severe depression and wishes to end his life but he can’t. He instead enlists an online payable service that offers him assisted suicide. Chance executes his role in an unhinged manner and easily buries doubt that he would fail at acting. The film is rather dark and untrue to its name. Instead it mirrors a sad man who feels like life is worth nothing.


The soundtracks in the film and the quality of the motion picture in itself are fascinating and should not be undervalued. Colin Tyler directed the film and in my opinion did an above excellent job. In addition to the atmosphere fostered by the film, the scriptwriters so clearly understood that plot twists are an essential and made them a part of the movie. I recommend this short-film for anyone who has forgotten the value of life.


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