Drugs And Music


From Chance The Rapper‘s defining mixtape, Acid Raps to Wiz Khalifa is entire catalog including 28 Grams and even Future‘s DS2 (Dirty Sprite 2). Music seems to go hand in hand with the use of drugs. Some use them for inspiration and some use drugs for recreation and for which reason they seem to be present in music. Drugs seem to play a vital role in how they open up artists and users minds to previous perceptions they were not aware of.

tumblr_n7xfmfnNFo1se2p6lo1_500 (1)

Drugs are also used as for escapism by some of their users and sometimes recreation. It is apparent that they have an undeniable influence on the music rappers make. Future’s DS2 heavily endorses percocets, xanex and lean, whereas the casual stoner, Wiz Khalifa’s 28 Grams endorses marijuana and Chance’s psychedelic good/bad trip mixtape, Acid Rap vouches for the use of LSD. Regardless, I as a fan of their music love their music and would care less what drug they used or not because they have the free will to choose what not and what to do.



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