Film: God Is Gangsta



This film is an R-rated feature therefore parental guidance is advised.

God Is Gangsta is a brilliant short film by Kendrick Lamar which features psychedelic visuals which thematically represent the soundtrack that accompanies the film. Kendrick who, if you followed since the Kendrick Lamar EP, has been a cohesive artist. Never shying away from controversy, he spearheads concepts such as religion, sexual relations and one’s existence in society. Questioning if his success as an artist and as a person changing who he is to others provides a clear self-awareness.

Dramatic First Scene in God Is Gangsta
The dramatic first scene in God Is Gangsta.

The short film features dramatic renditions of U and For Sale? which was directed by the little homies, Jack Begert and PANAMÆRA. Kendrick deserves praise for his eccentric and convincing performance is an intimate invitation from Mr Lamar to the view. It feel specific. From the moment you press play, the film is engaging and there is no dull moment. Every scene carries a message and whether politically correct or not Kendrick Lamar is unafraid to state it.

This Dick Ain't Free
Kendrick Lamar performing For Free

It’s no surprise how Kendrick Lamar won 7 Grammy awards in a single night. Kendrick unlike most rappers is an artist who paints portraits of his reality no matter how unorthodox he sounds in his methodology. Take for example, To Pimp A Butterfly. With U, For Sale? and For Free all receiving visual treatment along Alright with influence of Jazz, Funk and Neo Soul being exhibited in their production.

An Illustration of Kendrick Lamar by Bokka Boom

Kendrick flips the concept of life and religion upside down with the mentality of a genius child playing with a Rubik’s intentionally trying to make sense of his reality. Politics, Gender relations and Economic/Class status are questioned in his music. This short film is not for the lighthearted. If you have an open mind, you will most definitely enjoy this film.


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