This is how it feels getting Bombhead

Lit-Mob ran up the numbers with their experimental first single as a duo titled Bombhead. Production for the record was handled by Stereotype Hits. The record features slimy auto-tuned dipped vocals that flow with the dragged 808 that so very much feels like the soundtrack to a lap-dance. Having garned over 15,000 streams on Soundcloud. The duo being Caldo Hit$ and PVxRP $elassie have been releasing notable music of late individually and as a group. Songs such as Anaesthesia and Murda. 15,000 streams? all that attention for an unknown rap group must feel like getting Bombhead.


PVxRP $elassie released the first ever Sleazy Boomin Freestyle titled Sleaze Freestyle 1 over a beat by Lex Luger. The intro on the short joint was handled by Caldo Hit$. It can be streamed and downloaded below:

The duo is currently in the studio as often as possible, working on more music. It seems like nothing will be stopping their arsenal of releases anytime soon. Recently releasing Trap B*tch, produced by Omni Beats on Spinrilla, with the tenacity and hunger of artists who know what they want their music to do. It is clear that we will be hearing more music from the group. Judging by their music, it seems the pair has created identities that ooze every time they rap. Their demeanor is both eccentric and calm. Expect a feature with duo on this blog soon.


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