Producers To Watch

The online world of music has colourful personalities just waiting to be discussed. Some wyling with tweets, some putting fitting captions to their images and we have those who stand out because of their sound. These are the 3 producers to watch out for. Pay no attention to the order, we are not ranking anyone on this list as we only place importance on their talent and attributes.

  1. Stereotype Hits
Stereotype Hits
Artwork representing Stereotype Hits

Stereotype Hits is a record producer and the free beat director is based in California, United States. His sounds that range from sample based beats such as “Diary” or even heavy bass instrumentals such as “Your Girl A Ho” all of which are available as free downloads. His versatility is displayed with the beats on his Soundcloud and his mixing and mastering beyond professional. It’s no wonder why Lit-Mob used his “Bobblehead” beat for “Bombhead” which saw a beat by Stereotype gain over 15, 000 plays. There are no actual images of Stereotype Hits, we guess he likes being anonymous.



2. MarcDBeats

Record Producer, MarcDBeats

DeMarcus Richardson better known as MarcDBeats is record producer based in Central Texas, United States. His production is nothing to sleep on, with his records always sounding lively and pushing the envelope in terms of the mix and mastering aspect, tell me, how can one not pay attention to this man? MarcDBeats stands out because of his music’s appeal, the artworks he uses, the videos on his YouTube and Instagram, and his outstanding website. It is obvious that he takes his work very seriously and it will pay off.



3. x$ipping

Record Producer, x$ipping

x$ipping is a record producer based in Johannesburg, South Africa. x$ipping brings that trippy vibe to music, you know? The perfect sound to a party or for those not so much into turning up a chilled and relaxed atmosphere. x is special because his sound is definitive, his beats don’t sound like a “artist type beat” instead they are a result of his own creative en-devours. His onto something with a catchy sound and a different arrangement of his beats.



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