Caldo Hit$ gets So Lit

So Lit Artwork
Artwork for So Lit by Caldo Hit$

Caldo Hit$ premiers his latest effort, “So Lit” which features production by Bam Dolla$. “So Lit” is a mellow and slow-tempo joint that sees Caldo narrate his experiences on the record. The record sounds high end and I feel like it deserves to be more than a non-album single. Clocking in at 3 minutes 33 seconds, this joint takes you through some of the tones Caldo has in his vocal library. “So Lit” is a colourful record that features an array of ad-lips, a mysteriously dark choir on the hook and 2 verses that vary in tone making them sound like Caldo featuring Caldo. Spotting a New York hat on the cover, it comes as no surprise why the quality of this record is of international standing.

“So Lit” is available for download above or here. The record will available for free on Caldo Hit$ Soundcloud and he anticipates it’s commercial release on over 12 streaming services. Caldo Hit$ seems to have his business handled well and this record drops in anticipation of  his performance at Dirty South 1 next month. We can only hope he adds this to his set.


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