Fresh Prince of Bel Air vs Martin

This is probably an exhausted debate as it has been going on for a very, very, should I reiterate, very long time. Martin and The Fresh Prince of Bel Air are still compared and debated. Personally, Martin was the funnier comedy but Fresh Prince was a better presented comedy. The Fresh Prince of Bel Air always had an array of colourful and inviting sets for the show but Martin made up for that with Martin Lawrence‘s bright range of characters.

Martin Lawrence as Shenehneh Jenkins in Martin

Not to say that The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air wasn’t funny because to be honest Will Smith held his own as a comedian/actor. The beauty behind the Fresh Prince is that Will Smith really took his acting to a new level being able to be funny and serious in a convincing manner when required to. Will’s aura was always visible and an acting genius was bubbling under was soon revealed after the success of The Fresh Prince by the time the series ended.

Will Smith as The Fresh of Bel-Air

Watch a debate below on The Best 90’s TV Show: Martin vs The Fresh Prince featuring Do Boy and Teddy Ray.

Martin and Fresh Prince were all round sitcoms, that featured romance, unnecessary actions and ridicilous situations any viewer tells him/herself that “Well, that could have been avoided.” Martin lacked consistency when it reached its fifth and fourth it was not consistent due Martin Lawrence and Tisha Campbel feuding this led to them shooting on different sets. Fresh Prince of Bel-Air in my view is the better sitcom because it managed to avoid unnecessary off set drama.


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