King Of The Fall

I know, I know, you’ll probably tell me I’m too late for Flashback Friday or Throwback Thursday and I can’t help but feel the need to put The Weeknd‘s King Of The Fall up on this blog. The music video for King Of The Fall features The Weeknd appears pensive and quiet honestly, serious as he walks through his city. Fellow Canadian musician and rapper Jazz Cartier and Belly cameos in the visual.

The Weeknd has found an epic manner to portray himself through the way he presents his music. What peaked my interest when I watched the video is that his music is heartfelt. There is emotion in every note his voice hits and the beat selection grants him access to a canvas he takes ownership of from the beginning of the song.


Beauty Behind The Madness, serving as The Weeknd’s multiple platinum selling record. It comes as no surprise as he sounds like an artist who knows how to fully communicate his feelings, emotion and environment exceptionally well. His music is catchy, it’s not the typical RnB or Pop trash they got you hooked to. It’s good old fashioned songwriting, storytelling, rhythmic and real music.

You can preview and purchase King Of The Fall here.


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