Priddy Ugly’s ‘Hunnids’ a visual treatment

Never one to disappoint, Priddy Ugly drops off a stunning visual for Hunnids off YDKMY. Featuring insane angles and expensive visuals matching the entire vibe of the record. If you follow Priddy Ugly’s music, you only associate an artist of his magnitude with quality audio and visuals. The editing of Hunnids visuals reminds me of Bel El Be‘s work on Young Thug‘s visuals. Spotting a very distinct appearance, Priddy Ugly’s performance makes you want jump out and rage with him. His presence and ability to capture the song is evident in this performance.


Priddy Ugly released the YDMKY Deluxe which serves as his album and it is available on iTunes and an array of streaming services. Hit Priddy Ugly up on Twitter if you want physical copies of the album. Priddy Ugly makes your favorite rappers visual look cheap judging by his output. It is highly unlikely that Priddy Ugly will ever fail with his music.


Purchase a copy of YDMKY Deluxe here, featuring Areece, Shane Eagle and more. Preview YDMKY Deluxe below:


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