A Fresh Look At Rap

Bergie Fresh’s GOAT In The Making Artwork.

Bergie Fresh recently released his EP, titled  GOAT In The Making with obvious assertion that his next in line to take on being the greatest of all time. Releasing a project with multiple features such as Emmy Gee, Maraza, Blanka Ranks and Victor Malaza for assists crafting a signature sound for the project. Production was handled by Bergie’s right hand man, x$ipping. x is always one to impress with the versatility and live spirit he invokes on his production.

The production elements used are 808s with synthesized magic coupled by an elaborate beat arrangement courtesy of x$ipping to entice a music lover to press play and jam for the rest of the day. Bergie’s music sounds rather honest and does not imbue lackluster and repetitive “I got bad b*tches” type lines instead we get a preview into the life and times of the Fresh-man.

The artwork for Bergie’s GOAT On A Boat single off GOAT In The Making.

Quality? The quality of the records is inspirational and essential to the landscape of the South African and international rap scene. Instead of sounding like another rapper or biting another rappers style, Bergie stylistically stands out as himself, a fresh, clean cut rapper with the potency to become a fashion icon. Judging by the cover of his recent single, GOAT On A Boat produced by none other than x$ipping, it is apparent that Bergie has a confident demeanor. I’m not sure if his aim is to go against the grain and do things different but of late his artworks have been rectangular, a clear defiance against convention.

The noteworthy songs in #GITM include the Maraza assisted We Ain’t Never and Bless Her Before I Go. These 2 songs along with the rest of the EP are available as free downloads here. Stream GOAT In The Making below.


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