The Valley

A valley by definition is ‘low land between hills and mountains typically with a river/stream flowing through it’ (that’s what Google says). The Valley is a brief instrumental by Bam Dolla$. Bam Dolla$ is essentially, Caldo Hit$ record producer alter-ego. Remember when Tyler, the Creator was Wolf Hailey?

CnuIvkFW8AA1Eps.jpg large
The Valley artwork by Caldo Hit$

Bam Dolla$ is the out-of-body-in-mind side of Caldo Hit$ that creates compositions from a vibe coupled with an environment and emotion-drawn perspective. Clocking in at 2:13, the instrumental sounds ready for a verse from Caldo himself. Caldo has been on a hiatus of sorts since So Lit dropped and garned itself a moderately impressive 1,600+ plays. Always one to stay working it would be no surprise if he dropped full project or a new single.

According to Bam Dolla$, the full story behind the meaning of The Valley will be transcribed by Caldo Hit$ once he releases a probable¬† 4-minute song to The Valley instrumental. Where are your receipts because it’s about to get lit?

Stream The Valley by Bam Dolla$ below:

Follow Bam Dolla$ on Twitter @bamdollas or here.


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