Society & Hip Hop

Other than being a braggadocios genre that involves boasting one’s wealth, jewelry, cars and women. Many times than ever, Hip Hop has been a vital tool and the lifeline of communicating social issues regardless of how the message would be presented. YG and Kendrick Lamar exemplify this clearly. YG dropped the fiery “FDT (F*ck Donald Trump)” featuring Nipsey Hussle as a stance against the presidential candidate’s racist and tyrannical comments. Donald Trump has established that he has Hitler like thoughts and it is about the music industry blatantly spoke against such tomfoolery.

Check out the music video for “FDT” below

Kendrick Lamar on the other hand, uses a dark, dramatic and epic set of visuals to illustrate how Black Lives are disregarded by the police and their lack of respect for the lives of those with darker skin. Featuring ambient sounds and hysterical screams when the video begins, it is clear that K.Dot wanted to definitively highlight the struggles of a black man in America and elsewhere if one can relate. View “Alright” below

Social realities are meant to be spoken of. Too many artists refuse to speak on what is important and key to building a healthy and connected society because they fear the rejection of being shunned by sub-society which could have a direct effect on their endorsements and core fan base. Sometimes speaking on social realities may have repercussions related to the political environment which is why speaking sometimes can be a bad idea.

What would you do?


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