Rolling With Caldo Hit$

Caldo Hit$ releases yet another banger. It seems like a loose that was sitting in his hard drive waiting to be released. The record was produced by MarcDBeats. Caldo says, “The beat is pretty epic, so I just jumped on it for the hell of it.” when asked why he released this song. The quality is pretty substandard which is understandable for a loose song.

Say What Again Meme. Photo Credit:

We met up with Caldo to discuss his prospective projects.

What is the concept behind Rolling Raw?

Rolling Raw is a song I did randomly after hearing the beat on Soundcloud. It sounded pretty epic to me and the concept was to have a play on the Raw Rolling Papers and basically saying I’m savage as hell when I grip the mic and my art is also unrestrained. I’m just not about to get limited by anyone and anything.”

Official artwork Rolling Raw by Caldo Hit$

What are you currently working on?

“I keep everything top secret, [Laughs] but I am actually working on my debut mixtape, The Owl Vader which is coming together pretty well. I’m not rushing the release and as a result, I won’t be doing any shows until the project is complete. I want everything to sound exceptional when I put it out.”

When is your debut project being released?

“I was hoping Summer 16, sometime in October but I’m not done recording the songs that need to be on the project. I’m also doing the production and post-production myself which means I’ll take sometime to release the free album until it sounds perfect. Regardless, I will be putting out more music soon. I have 2 warm up songs I produced myself that I plan on releasing before the tape drops. I’m also done with dropping loose songs for now.”

Are there any features in the project?

“Nah, on my Future sh*t. No features, I didn’t see the need for guest verses as I want the project to fully display my distinct persona and to the greatest extent display my individualism.”

Who is behind production for the project?

“I had asked producers to send me beats and I didn’t get any feedback or beat previews. So, naturally, I made my own beats with the tape’s length being between 15 to 19 songs. I have most of the beats handled so far. I’m not mad though. Everything is organic with me, hence I’m not rushing a release.”

Caldo clearly has a lot in store and it will be exciting to see that project released and the build up towards its release.


Quotable Lyrics

Back, back with it, I am on a roll, Back, back with it, winning is my role,  I will never care what they all think of us.

Stream and download Caldo Hit$’ Rolling Raw 


Also stream and download Live From The South by Caldo Hit$, produced by MarcDBeats


Visit for more from Caldo Hit$


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