Ever seen a Monster?

Fresh off the release of his loose unreleased joint Rolling RawCaldo Hit$ releases Monster$Monster$ is a record off Caldo’s “Kill Pills Vol.XX” EP. Inspired by the “Kill Bill” movie franchise directed by Quentin Tarentino. Caldo Hit$ croons in a choir esque manner with an ambient pad inviting a gloomy and dark vibe. Then he jumps into singing, “She’s gon talk that sh*t, I can’t hear none of that sh*t”, heavily expresses how he intentionally ignores a loud-mouth female companion.

Caldo seems to be running off with a epic and dark style. With hard hitting 808-kicks on the hook and a mellow verse-like part of the song, this record is the perfect song to vibe to regardless of one’s emotional state.

Monsters Artwork
Monster$ Artwork by Caldo Hit$

Stating in a recent tweet that he won’t be releasing music that won’t make it as soundtracks, he briefly introduces the shift in his sound and direction as an artist. This focus reveals how Caldo Hit$ will be releasing music that can readily accompany films.

Caldo Hit$ is steadily growing and using his come-up as a platform to define his path in the game. It’s a hamster wheel-like life when musicians fail to identify what they seek to do with their music. Music is fun and games but it should be purposeful and have a desired end-state. Judging by Monster$, it becomes apparent that Caldo is looking to set himself apart through attaching his music to the highest form of art that is, film.

Stream/Download: Monster$ by Caldo Hit$ below:



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