Still Untouchable

  Hailing from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Dontay Mcfly musically time travels with a rendition of his own on Jay-Z‘s classic, ‘Mr Untouchable’. Dontay Mcfly goes over the beat with a retrospective and self-aware perspective. His flow is somewhat a blade wrapped in a luxurious fabric such as velvet. Mcfly captures the essence of the record with a Ghostface Killah/Action Bronson esque flow. You can stream Dontay Mcfly’s … Continue reading Still Untouchable

The Valley

A valley by definition is ‘low land between hills and mountains typically with a river/stream flowing through it’ (that’s what Google says). The Valley is a brief instrumental by Bam Dolla$. Bam Dolla$ is essentially, Caldo Hit$ record producer alter-ego. Remember when Tyler, the Creator was Wolf Hailey? Bam Dolla$ is the out-of-body-in-mind side of Caldo Hit$ that creates compositions from a vibe coupled with … Continue reading The Valley

‘Imma Tell Her’ x$ipping Got Next

So here’s the thing, if you’re going to be a producer in this day age be yourself firstly and be stylistic within all your endeavors. By stylistic, I’m referring to x$ipping dropping a stellar instrumental with Imma Tell Her. Imma Tell Her features chopped vocals from Kid X and Psyfo. This instrumental rework of the song for #APEtrapFridays is a perfect way to start your … Continue reading ‘Imma Tell Her’ x$ipping Got Next

A Fresh Look At Rap

Bergie Fresh recently released his EP, titled  GOAT In The Making with obvious assertion that his next in line to take on being the greatest of all time. Releasing a project with multiple features such as Emmy Gee, Maraza, Blanka Ranks and Victor Malaza for assists crafting a signature sound for the project. Production was handled by Bergie’s right hand man, x$ipping. x is always … Continue reading A Fresh Look At Rap

Caldo Hit$ gets So Lit

Caldo Hit$ premiers his latest effort, “So Lit” which features production by Bam Dolla$. “So Lit” is a mellow and slow-tempo joint that sees Caldo narrate his experiences on the record. The record sounds high end and I feel like it deserves to be more than a non-album single. Clocking in at 3 minutes 33 seconds, this joint takes you through some of the tones … Continue reading Caldo Hit$ gets So Lit

This is how it feels getting Bombhead

Lit-Mob ran up the numbers with their experimental first single as a duo titled Bombhead. Production for the record was handled by Stereotype Hits. The record features slimy auto-tuned dipped vocals that flow with the dragged 808 that so very much feels like the soundtrack to a lap-dance. Having garned over 15,000 streams on Soundcloud. The duo being Caldo Hit$ and PVxRP $elassie have been releasing … Continue reading This is how it feels getting Bombhead

We Ain’t Never by Bergie Fresh

We Ain’t Never is a single by Bergie Fresh featuring Maraza on a brilliantly laced instrumental by x$ipping. The record is a high for any avid hip hop listener and it will not disappoint at first listen. With knocking 808s and a cinematic sample who wouldn’t want to dab, dance or lose their mind to this record. The man behind the beat, x$ipping shines as an … Continue reading We Ain’t Never by Bergie Fresh


Priddy Ugly‘s fans have been anticipating the release of his EP, You Don’t Know Me Yet since he announced it. The project features the eccentric Youngsta, the flawless vocals offered by Refi Sings, the ever so charismatic Ginger Trill, Bigstar Johnson and the man behind the out of Earth production quality of this project, Wichi 1080. The project features the previous released singles, “Cocaine Ghost” … Continue reading YDKMY